Alan does voiceovers...

Basically that means I'll record your script and produce a voice track that you can lay on to your film or compile into your training package. I'll proof your script and suggest improvements if there's room for that. I'll sync the read to picture or to the track in the original language. 

My customers are independent film producers, E-learning companies, production studios, as well as national and international TV networks. I do a fair many voice overs for pharmaceutical

companies, not forgetting the occasional TV and radio commercial. 

I apply the same care, diligence and focus on quality whatever the production, but some projects turn out more notable than others:


Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange continue to attract global attention and generate lively debate.

A few years ago, I was called upon by SVT, the Swedish National TV Network to edit their script and voice their TV documentary about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. 

Over a period of some 6 - 7 years it has attracted over a million views on You-Tube, making it among the most viewed documentaries on the subject on the channel, some produced by the world's biggest media players.


       A Sad Story..?


 I lent my voice to one of the last commercials the legendary Saab Auto company produced before being declared bankrupt late 2011.


Rumours unfounded

There is no truth in any rumour that the said vo talent contributed to the demise of the company. Saabs assets were eventually taken over by a Chinese automobile concern who are now producing solely electric cars. So perhaps it isn't so sad after all.



I am proud to be one of the regular voices telling about the work of Civil Rights Defenders, that small Swedish organisation doing big things in the Human Rights field. A major achievement of theirs involved making available a system for the protection of human rights activists facing risks of repercussions in their countries. They also honour the people who put their lives on the line for the sake of justice and peace with an annual prize. I scripted and voiced the report about this year's Civil Rights Defender Edmund Yakani

   Coming Soon - "To voice or not to voice"

The professional dilemma of a voiceover when asked to narrate a critical TV documentary about the taxation arrangements of one of his end-customers, IKEA - keep watching this space. 

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